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Always up to date with the latest patch (9.0.5). Schematic: Truesilver Transformer Vendor Locations. This item can be purchased in Stranglethorn Vale. Guides. Classic Engineering Recipes from Vendors Truesilver Transformer is an engineered component.

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Truesilver Transformer is used in the following recipes: Cluster Launcher Dimensional Ripper - Everlook Goblin Jumper Cables XL Gyrofreeze Ice Deflector Hyper-Radiant Flame Reflector Major Schematic: Truesilver Transformer Requires Engineering (260) Use: Teaches you how to make a Truesilver Transformer. Truesilver Transformer 8 sec cast: Tools: Blacksmith Hammer, Arclight Spanner: Reagents: Truesilver Bar (2), Elemental Earth (2), Elemental Air: Truesilver Transformer. Truesilver Transformer - WoW Item overview - World of Warcraft, Wrath of the Lich King, Burning Crusade, WoW, maps, guides, items, quests Schematic: Truesilver Transformer was originally a limited supply schematic purchased for 1 20 from Buzzek Bracketswing in Gadgetzan. He … Truesilver TransformerItem Level 50Disenchants into:Not disenchantableSell Price: 30 Truesilver Transformer is an engineered part. Transformers are crafted by an Engineer with 260 skill.

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Un objet de World of Warcraft Classic. Toujours actuelle pour la dernière mise à jour (1.13.6). TSM Updates. Enter your e-mail and subscribe to be notified of TSM changes.

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Essence of Water [6]. Truesilver Transformer [9]. 19. Febr. 2021 · ·  Cannot be used when in combat. Sell Price: 20. Requires Thorium Widget (2), Truesilver Transformer (2), Fused Wiring  260 truesilver transformer.

Related. Contribute. Number of MySQL queries: 3 Time of MySQL queries: 0.044482707977295 Schematic: Truesilver Transformer Requires Engineering (260) Use: Teaches you how to make a Truesilver Transformer. Related. Contribute. Number of MySQL queries: 6 Time of MySQL queries: 0.21165490150452 The home folder of the web site.
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Core of Earth, 1, QuestRing  21 Oct 2019 Truesilver Bar [14]. Mithril Casing [2]. Jade [2].

Reagents . Truesilver Bar (2) Smelt Truesilver (2) Truesilver Ore (2) Transmute: Mithril to Truesilver (2) Mithril Bar (2) Smelt Mithril (2) Mithril Ore (2) Elemental Earth (2) Elemental Air: Tools. Arclight Spanner: Blacksmith Hammer (OLD) Spell Details. Truesilver Transformer.
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En la categoría Piezas. Un(a) objeto de World of Warcraft Clásico.