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Internal Production Control or CE marking self-certification: the manufacturer performs the conformity assessment and documents the assessment in his own right. The internal production control applies to equipment and devices under Group II, Category 3. 2. An ATEX certificate lasts for the lifetime of a product and, unlike some other conformity assessment schemes, there is no validity or expiry date on a certificate that incurs a re-certification. The ATEX Directive does however require that ‘technical knowledge’, which can change rapidly, be taken into account as far as possible and utilised immediately. EU Declaration of Conformity Manufacturer: Warren Rupp, Inc. A Unit of IDEX Corporation 800 North Main Street Mansfield, OH 44902 USA Warren Rupp, Inc. declares that Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps (AODD) and Surge Suppressors listed below comply with the requirements of Directive 2014/34/EU and all applicable standards.

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Compliance with the essential health and safety requirements has been assured by conformation with the following standard(s) or directive(s) - European Standard EN 13463-1:2001 Declaration of Conformity • DoC plus instructions are the only documents that ATEX requires to be delivered with the equipment • Both should be in paper form – Can be read anywhere – No need for Ex computer to read a CD Rom • Purchaser will find the certificate more useful, but supply is not mandated ** The ATEX Directive allows the manufacturer to make self-declaration of conformity for Category 3 electrical equipment, since the applicable conformity assessment procedure is performed by the manufacturer. The Quality System for the certificates described above is approved by Baseefa under the Quality Assurance Routes to ATEX certification. There are two different routes to having products ATEX certified. Self-certification is allowed for products in Categories 2 and 3.These products are destined for use in the less hazardous zones: 1, 2, 21 and 22. Full protection with the ATEX measurement chain.

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▫ European Standards. ▫ IEC IP Rating System.

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There is no self-declaration as exists under ATEX, regardless of the intended hazardous area zone of use. CE is a self declaration, where you are declaring your product complies with all applicable European directives, (i.e. Machinery directive, ATEX directive, EMC Directive, Low Voltage directive, Pressure directive, etc.). You mentioned the word ATEX, which is a European certification that is the dual of a Hazardous Locations Type certification.

ATEX). T2 (Maximal tillåten yttemperatur av arbetsredskap: 300°C). AVSNITT 10: Stabilitet och reaktivitet. ATEX.
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Furthermore, with our matched accessories you can configure a complete measurement chain for potentially explosive atmospheres according to the ATEX 95 norm.

When trading ATEX products on the European market, its mandatory to obtain the CE-mark for every company or entity.
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Readers' attention is drawn to the fact that these Guidelines The CE-ATEX Notified Bodies simply confirm in writing that it is the manufacturer’s responsibility.