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Learn more. Losing definition, causing or suffering loss. See more. Definition of losing in the dictionary. Meaning of losing.

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To lose control of one's emotions, especially by becoming angry or upset. Mom is going to lose it when she gets home 2. To lose an ability, skill, or quality that one previously had. A: "I used to be so much better at the guitar, but I 3. To vomit. I thought I was going to lose it The expressions “bind” and “loose” were common to Jewish legal phraseology meaning to declare something forbidden or to declare it allowed. Peter and the other disciples were to continue Christ’s work on earth in preaching the gospel and declaring God’s will to men and they were armed with the same authority as He possessed.

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Apr 15 2020, 3:30 PM Apr 16 2020, 3:44 AM April 15 2020, 3:30 PM April 16 2020, 3:44 AM What does losing-it mean? Present participle of lose it. (verb) 2019-06-13 · R.E.M.’s “Losing My Religion” Lyrics Meaning by Jessica Shelton · Published June 13, 2019 · Updated June 13, 2019 The foundation of this song is the singer being in love with someone who does not feel the same about him. Losing A Child Dream Meaning.

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be losing it definition: 1. to start to become crazy: 2. to start to become crazy: . Learn more. Define losing it. losing it synonyms, losing it pronunciation, losing it translation, English dictionary definition of losing it.

By throwing trillions of dollars at the coronavirus problem, governments risk undermining trust in currencies. By . Jared Dillian.
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Baldness typically refers to excessive hair loss from your scalp.

I've got a loose tooth.
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| Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Where losing face comes from You’ll also understand the importance of face for Chinese job seekers, for forming solid friendships, and for managing family relationships.